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ROOTS & HERBS: MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL | Crooked Angels Live at Paris Apothecary 11.2.17

If you all haven't been out to Paris in a while, and by Paris I mean PARIS, VA, you are missing out on the new gem of the mountains: Paris Apothecary!! As most of you know, Amy is a fan of all things magical, and Paris Apothecary is FULL of magic and healing. We first visited the new business when we went to see Furnace Mountain Band play. The shows are in the chapel next door--unplugged and illuminated by candles and stained-glass windows--with an intermission at the store that includes plump peach pies, veggie tarts, and an assortment of delicious wines and beers (the somm. from next-door Ashby Inn selects their wines!). If you get to the show early, you can shop their assortment of dried herbs, teas, and tinctures. I have a batches of sassafras infused bourbon, and rose, elderflower, & lavender brandy brewing right now!!

Needless to say, we met kindred spirits in Paris that night, and are delighted that Christine Harris, their lovely manager, invited us to be perform songs from Indian Summer on November 2ndl!!!

Apothecary opens at 5pm - come explore our herbal oddities & locally crafted items in shop accompanied with drinks and light food fare. Music starts at 7pm inside the Ashby Chapel (next door to the shop) - intermission in between sets. Suggested Donation: $10 PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

For more info:

Parking: Please park in the Ashby Inn & Restaurant Parking Lot located on Gap Run Road. Parking on the streets of Paris is prohibited. Consider making an evening out of it by booking a dinner reservation at the Ashby Inn & Restaurant before the show! Questions? E-mail

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