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SongPo RADIO 96.7 WERA | The Artists of Clarendon Day!

Tune in tomorrow night, Wednesday at 10:30 pm, to hear The Crooked Angels on SongPo Radio!! They'll be spinning the music of Clarendon Day 2017: Artists FuzzQueen, Harry Jay & The Bling, The Crooked Angels, Giants and Thieves and #Flashback. Have a listen on WERA 96.7 FM or Live Streamed at

The Crooked Angels are so excited to be a part of Clarendon Day this year! It's all going down on September 23rd!!! We're dedicating our set to IOTA Club & Cafe, who will be closing their doors at the end of September. It's where it all began for The Crooked Angels and countless other musicians in the area and beyond. Jamie and I met at IOTA ten years ago, and we got married the following year on September 20th (so Clarendon Day is pretty darn close to our anniversary!!). We've played many great shows there and seen many of our heroes on that stage. We want to thank Stephen and Jane for their dedication and endless support of LIVE MUSIC!!! We are forever grateful in so many ways. IOTA will always be in our hearts.

For more information on Clarendon Day visit:

NOTE: The Crooked Angels will be playing promptly at 12:00, so if you want to see us, don't be late!!

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