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The Crooked Angels (Jamie & Amy Potter) are a husband and wife duo who serve up a distilled blend of bourbon infused Americana. From raucous, rambling blues, to poignant, delicate country ballads, we believe that soul of American music is rediscovered in every performance. We play ash-floored honky-tonks and pristine concert stages. Hell, we'll play your own living room if you tell Grandma you aren't putting out the good chairs. 


We are fortunate to reside in the heart of the Piedmont region of Virginia where the ghosts of Appalachia still roam, bringing stories and blue jay feathers in their wake. 


Our debut album Bread & Bourbon, released on June 19th 2016, is our love letter to American Roots Music: from the Appalachian hollers, to the streets of New Orleans, to the juke joints of Chicago, to the honky-tonks of Nashville. We wrote these songs as a serenade of our nation's musical heritage. While we set out to make a record that was all about the music, it evolved into a celebration of community, friendship, and love.


We raise our glasses to all of the people who made this record possible and to those who continue to support our music. 



With heart and song,



To check out more songs and videos, please head on over to our electronic press kit (EPK):


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